Standing Rules:

Chapter Officers are elected by the membership annually. These offices give members a chance to learn organizational and

leadership skills, as well as meet other business leaders in the community. It can be a great springboard to bigger and more

responsible jobs in your profession, and give you confidence in your leadership abilities.

Chapter Activities Each year our chapter selects a member for the Woman of the Year Award. This special member is a

contributor to chapter activities, a successful business-woman, a contributor to her community and an asset to our


Our chapter anniversary in March is a celebration to which we invite former members, spouses, significant others,

family and friends to share in our celebration of accomplishments from the previous year.

September 22, National American Business Women’s Day, is celebrated by choosing an Outstanding Businesswoman in the

Lebanon Valley and honoring her with a certificate and media recognition at our September meeting.


1. Local chapter dues are $2.00 per month paid to the Treasurer. Delinquent payment is reported to the President.

Amended 1/01

2. Chapter Perfect Attendance Year - March to February

     (A) Perfect attendance is considered to be attendance at the dinner, program and business portions of 12 chapter meetings from March thru February with recognition given at the March Anniversary meeting.

     (B) Any member who misses a meeting of the chapter may maintain her record of perfect attendance during the chapter’s Anniversary year by attending any of the following:

          (1) A regular meeting of a sister chapter (request a make up slip if this is to be used for make-up);

          (2) Attendance at WOY Spring Fling Luncheon;

          (3) Attendance at any District or National Women’s Conference;

          (4) Attendance at any ABWA sponsored event by a Sister chapter.

     (C) In cases of extreme circumstances, such as an emergency hospitalization, death in the family,...occurs denying the member an opportunity to make up a meeting, the Executive board may grant an exception.

     (D) If a member misses the February meeting and desires to be recognized for perfect attendance, she can notify the Membership Committee that she will make up the meeting before March 31st.  A certificate of Perfect Attendance and a Gift Card for 1 Free Dinner Meeting will be presented to each member achieving Perfect attendance to be used at any time through out the next year.

4. Hospitality raffle to be held at monthly meetings as a 50/50 drawing. 50% going to the chapter treasury and 50% to be divided 3 ways and given to ticket winners. October 1986

5. Members who have a standing dinner/meeting Reservation or who make an affirmative commitment to attend a meeting will be billed for their dinner if a cancellation is not received by noon on the Monday prior to meeting.  March 1985

6. A carnation will be presented to each birthday celebrant in attendance at a meeting during their birthday month. 10/84

7. A Candy Bar will be presented to each member in the month they celebrate their ABWA anniversary by the Membership committee.

8. A sympathy card will be sent to members when the loss is in the immediate family. Members are to notify the Hospitality Chair of any known losses. In the event of a death of a member, a $25.00 donation will be made according to the wishes of the family or to SBMEF (Amended 10/01). Get Well wishes are also sent to members hospitalized and suffering lengthy Illnesses.

9. Chapter Woman of the Year is elected in January so she can compete nationally, if she so chooses. May ‘85

10. Chapter Woman of the Year has the option to attend a National Women’s Conference or Regional Conference in Spring. January 1996

11. The Woman of the Year will have her full registration, ½ of her travel expenses, and ½ of her hotel accommodations paid for by the chapter to attend either the National Fall or Spring Regional Conference as well as WOY activities. Attendance at the local WOY luncheon will also be paid. January 1996

12. The outgoing President will be presented with a Past-President’s pin and guard. If she repeats the office, a suitable gift of equal value may be given. The outgoing President is also presented a pictorial record of association events and meetings during her tenure. Oct. 1980

13. New member Name Tags will be purchased by the Membership from National. Amended Jan.2002

14. Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Lebanon Valley Scholarship. ABWA will sponsor 1 LVCC member per year.  Requirements: Must be an active members of our Chapter for at least two years; current with local and national dues; and give a general information report monthly at chapter meetings. January 2008

15. If a full-time college student joins our chapter as an ABWA student member, their meeting cost will be discounted to one half the regular cost January 2002

16. $1000 Reimbursement Fund ($100 per member per year amount does not carry over).  Up to $100 will be reimbursed to a member attending an Educational Seminar, Workshop, Spring Regional or National Women’s Conference.  Your request must be submitted in writing following attendance. One request per year per member. Dec. 2002

17. Any member attending a National Conference and exercising her right to vote will be eligible to receive reimbursement equal to ½ their registration when their voting card is presented to the treasurer following the conference.



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