Timeline for Scholarships Application available on-line. 

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Deadline March 31, 2018

May Award Scholarships






2016 Student Winners: $1000 each were awarded to Teresa Gunderman, Palmyra; and Chandelle Keller, ELCO. Both young women will attend Penn State.

2015 Student Winners:  Kate Risser, Annville Cleona will attend Bloomsburg; and Sara Smith will attend Messiah College.

2014 Student Winners: Margo Rene Keller, ELCO, Penn State; and Alaina Gladstone, Lebanon High, West Virgina University

2013 Student Winners:  Hanna Constance Wastyk, Palmyra HS, University of Delaware; Mariah LiBrandi, Northern Lebanon HS, Saint Francis University; Lara Cruz, Lebanon HS, Hanze University

2012 Student Winners:  Katie Carney-Blose, Penn College; Rosemary Angel, HACC

2011 Student Winners:  Jonathan Jackson, Dickenson; Katie Carney-Blose, Penn College

2010 Student Winners:  Anna Marie Cruz, Lebanon High School; Chelsea Saylor, ELCO; Mariela Horna, Lebanon Valley College; Felicia Nelson, Kutztown University

2009 Student Winners:  Felicia Nelson; Kaitlyn Mader; Rachael Reist; Kimblery Yockey.

2008 Student Winners:  Emily Sechrest (Lebanon); Kayla Miller (Northern Lebanon); Alyson Wattai, (Lebanon Catholic); Kaitlyn Mader (Culinary Institute of America).

2007 Student Winners:  Aylssa Hauck (Lebanon HS); Jennifer Leeper (Eastern University); Kaitlyn Mader (Culinary Institute of America); Rebecca Wenger (Annville/Cleona High School)

2006 Student Winners: Michelle Dusel (Northern Lebanon); Jennifer Leeper (Cedar Crest); and Rachel Reist( Cedar Crest).

2005 Student Winners: Katelyn Haley,  Amber Smith andStephanie Blanda

2004 Student Winners:  Melanie Henderson,  Madison Simmermon, & Kimberly Carfarella

  Scholarships Education and training are essential for a successful career and, as chapter members, we are proud of our role in providing educational opportunities for others.  We provide scholarships to area women, as well as contributing to the SBMEF National Scholarship Fund.  Each year the amount awarded varies.

  • bullet SBMEF National Scholarship-Nicole Long
  • bullet Leadership Lebanon Valley scholarship Recipients:2008 Jen Eisenhower
  • bullet 2007 Julie Cameron
  • bullet 2006 Patricia McAteer
  • bullet 2005 Brenda Keefer
  • bullet 2004 Gale Ehrhorn
  • bullet 2003 Margie Yohn
  • bullet 2002 Penny Walker
  • bullet 2001 Mary Ellen Blouch
  • bullet 2000 Julie Cheyney
  • bullet 1999 Irene Pickett
  • bullet 1998 Sandy Herr
  • bullet 1995 Susan LeBaron-Tonini
  • bullet Additional Member graduates of the LLV program:
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    Josie Ames
  • bullet Mary Blose
  • bullet Carol Edris
  • bullet Nori Fisher
  • bullet Sarah Schappell
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